Pulling no stops on bringing what she feels through song, Carola is an astounding performer who leaves nothing behind, nothing left unsaid as she gives her ‘all’ to every performance, be it in the studio or live.

Her style, ‘Universal Soul’, is one that extends across and unites various genres whilst holding a common theme that is the ‘realness of life’. When asked, Carola will tell you that her sole purpose for music is to share music from the Soul for the Soul - that is music about us all, for us all. As such her focus is not on perfection but rather delivering a raw, real, true and unadulterated interpretation that honors the quality of message of the song.

Born in Sydney, Carola grew up in Northern NSW, where she developed her love of music inspired by her love and fascination of people, nature and life in general. Purely for her own enjoyment, writing songs was something to simply have fun with, a way to connect and express the joy and magic of life that she felt within and with everyone.

After spending many years caught up in the drive of the music industry, mainly in the live music scene having performed in countless different situations ranging from festivals in front of tens of thousands, to clubs and pubs on a regular basis, Carola felt it time to stop to reconsider her path with music. The realness had waned, as had the connection to the purpose that inspired her to start singing and writing songs, and this was what instigated questioning her relationship with the music and what she was playing at the time. Although there were ‘successes’ along the way such as receiving air play and being nominated in the top 20 of the Triple J unearthed Pop charts and winning awards for the Song of The Year and New Recording Artist at the NCEIA awards, this degree of success left her disillusioned as the chase for this success was a total compromise of the realness of the pulse that inspired Carola to write and play music initially, which is to share her Soul through music. ​

"Carola’s music is another dimension that reflects the magic of us and life through song."
                                                    - Music Publicist